What size generator needed to supply electric to a cold plate freezer in a vehicle?

I am wondering if anybody has knowledge of generators. I will have a large sized cold plate freezer in my work truck and need advice on the size of generator needed to supply the freezer with enough power for 8-12 hour days. The cost dramatically changes with more power, so any estimate or advice would be helpful.

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  1. EE September 2, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    You’ll need to get the rated power demand in watts or amperage from the freezer’s specification label, usually placed near where the line cord exits the unit.

    If amperage, multiply this times the rated line voltage (either 120V or 240V) to obtain power in watts. For example, 4 amperes at 120V would be 480 watts.

    Purchase a generator rated at 25% to 50% greater capacity than the freezer’s power demand for sufficient margin, as you don’t want to run the generator at its full rated capacity.

    For example, if your freezer is rated to demand 1,000 watts (1 kilowatt), purchase at least a 1,250 watt (1.25 kw) generator. Remember, fuel consumption will be proportional to the actual load as mechanical energy is being converted into electrical energy according to real demand, not according to unused capacity — the First Law of Thermodynamics. In fact, overrating is good, as less heat will be created and wasted in the generator’s stator windings.

    Length of operation will depend upon fuel capacity. Run time at full load should be stated on the generator. Since it will be difficult (and unwise) to modify the tank, assure you don’t get the electrical specs correct yet compromise on fuel storage capacity.

    Critically, (1) be certain to vent the generator’s exhaust properly, ideally at the rear bumper similar to the truck’s exhaust. An exhaust shop can be enlisted to route the exhaust if necessary. Also, and just as critical, (2) assure that the generator’s fuel tank is not in an enclosed/confined area such that vapor can accumulate.

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  2. J. September 2, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

    If you are referring to the solid state cold plate technology, determine what the current rating and input voltage requirement is. This gives you Watts as well once you find the data plate.

    Then it is merely a matter of finding a suitably sized generator that can deliver that peak demand. You might want to add a battery too if you are not able to get a generator to match the peak demand of the cold plate. You would also want to get one that uses the same fuel as your truck, saves on fuel expense and minimizes time fueling a second tank of different fuel. in the long haul.

    If your peak demand of the cold plate is an intermittent 300 Amp draw at 12 volts, you could get by with a 100 Amp generator/alternator with battery and that would let the generator charge the battery when the cold plate demand drops below 100 Amps. I assume your truck is equipped with 165 Amp series alternator. You could have a welding shop weld you up what needed if you had a spare. Then it is merely a matter of finding a 10 horsepower engine of the same fuel as your truck. With the addition of some simple circuits, you could have the engine auto start as needed and shut down when not needed.

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