What would happen if a marble size neodymium magnet got placed inside a hollow golf ball size magnet?

If both magnets have an opposing force, what would happen?

Would the inner magnet levitate and stay centered?

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Can I run a diesel generator off of home heating oil?

Is it possible to run a diesel generator off of home heating oil? Any info would be appreciated.
How long will diesel fuel stay stable in a 5 gallon gasoline container? Is it like gasoline in that it isnt stable for long without the use of stabilizer?

If it doesnt stay good for long, is there such a thing as “diesel stabilizer’? Thanks.

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What happens if a wire has flowing electricity (circular wrap) and a magnet is brought near?

Basically, if you are conducting the Faraday experiment where you slide a magnet through a coil of wires, but, at the same time, there is already electricity flowing through the wire, then what happens. What would happen to the magnetic field being formed by the electricity flowing the coil, could it possibly spread? If anything does happen, will it continue to happen if the magnet is places in a non moving position or will it only happen in the presence of a moving magnetic field?

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How do you keep the front door magnet seal from being so loud to open?

The magnet seal around my front door is really loud when I first open the door. Is there a way or something I can use to keep the front door quite?

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【赤飯×ピコ/Sekihan × Pico】 「magnet」を歌ってみた 【ニコニコ大会議】

Everyone wants to see them sing it live, and they killed it. It’s pretty unfair putting two good looking guys together singing a song like this (-coughgluedt…

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